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Viva Result: Minor Corrections

Great news! On Monday morning I completed my Doctoral Viva – the examination of my PhD thesis “Disability 2.0: Student dis/Connections. A study of student experiences of disability and social networks on campus in Higher Education.” My examiners were accessibility, disability and education expert Prof. Jane Seale (Plymouth University) and identity and methods specialist Dr Kay Hawe (University of Nottingham).

I’m pleased to report that my research exploring students’ experiences of the socio-cultural aspects of disability in social networks has been accepted, and I have been awarded my PhD pending minor corrections. I will complete these corrections over the next three months. Huge thanks go out to everyone involved, especially my supervisors, Dr Charles Crook and Dr Gordon Joyes.

If you would like more information about my research in advance of the publications of the thesis and related documents, please get in touch with me directly via

Psychology in Education

International Handbook of Psychology in Education Cover
International Handbook of Psychology in Education

I’m pleased to say that my first book contribution,  Technologies for Formal and Informal Learning (Chapter 12, pp. 435-464) co-authored with Dr Charles Crook, has been published in the International Handbook of Psychology in Education, edited by Karen Littleton, Clare Wood and Judith Kleine Staarman.  The volume is published by Emerald, and is available now via Amazon

Summary Information:

The International Handbook of Psychology in Education provides researchers, practitioners and advisers working in the fields of psychology and education with an overview of cutting-edge research across a broad spectrum of work within the domain of psychology of education. As well as convering the latest thinking within established areas of enquiry, the Handbook includes chapters on recently emerging, yet important, topics within the field and explicitly considers the inter-relationship between theory and practice.
The chapters in the handbook are authored by internationally recognised researchers, from across Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. As well as covering the latest thinking within established areas of enquiry, the handbook includes chapters on recently emerging, yet important, topics within the field and explicitly considers the inter-relationship between theory and practice. A strong unifying theme is the volume’s emphasis on processes of teaching and learning. The work discussed in the handbook focuses on typically developing school-age children, although issues relating to specific learning difficulties are also addressed.


“This fine collection of key contemporary work by renowned authors represents the state of the art in the psychology of education. The book is ground-breaking, timely and comprehensive, and indispensable reading for scholars and practitioners interested in understanding and promoting teaching and learning in diverse educational contexts.”
Professor Sylvia Rojas-Drummond, Faculty of Psychology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
“This book brings together an all-star cast of international experts, and should be required reading for the large community of education researchers who are studying how to improve classroom instruction by using psychological research.”
Professor Keith Sawyer, Washington University, St Louis, USA.
“A welcome and much needed book.”
 Kristina Kumpulainen, Finnish National Board of Education and University of Helsinki

Evaluating Learning Spaces

NEWS FLASH: I’ve just received word that today JISC have published the final report for the JELS project (full title: ‘A study of effective evaluation models and practices for technology supported physical learning spaces’).  This is great news for me and the team.  You can read the final report on the JISC project pages, or visit the Learning Sciences Research Institute project pages.

On the Move

image of article
U21 Newsletter

The March edition of Universitas 21 newsletter (Issue 14) is now online. Look out for ‘On The Move’ on page 18, for an article on my trip last year to the Center for the Study of Higher Education and International Centre for Classroom Research at the University of Melbourne. To view, click on the link below.

Universitas 21 Newsletter (PDF)

Inroads: ITiSCE Group update

A group paper I’ve been working on with colleagues in the UK, Europe and America, as part of the Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) 12th Annual Conference Postgraduate Student Working Group has been accepted for the December Issue of the SIGSCE Bulletin, Vol 39, Issue 4 will feature ‘Liccardi, I., Ounnas, A., Pau, R., Massey, E., Kinnunen, P., Lewthwaite, S., Midy, M-A., Sarkar, C. (2007) The role of social networks in students’ learning experiences.’

"Inroads" is the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education newsletter.  I’ll post the link and full reference here in December.  Research is planned to take this forward later in the year with a view to further publications.

Dr Peter Norvig Interview

My interview with Dr Peter Norvig, head of research at Google, is now live at:

The interview covers Google’s current research, their plans for the future, and Norvig’s thoughts on Google’s relationship with hardware, accessibility and education.

*update* (10/10/2009) Custom PC have recently moved to As a result the above article has moved. I’ll re-link when I’ve solved the mystry of its new location.

NNDR Poster Competition

I’ve just returned from the Nordic Network on Disability Research biannual conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, where my poster won the Studentlitteratur poster competition (hurray!).  I’ve uploaded two versions here, a PDF copy of the poster and a Word text version.  Photos of the poster in-situ to follow…

NNDR Poster PDF version: Download nndr.pdf

NNDR Poster Word file (text only): Download nndr.doc