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Dr Peter Norvig Interview

My interview with Dr Peter Norvig, head of research at Google, is now live at:

The interview covers Google’s current research, their plans for the future, and Norvig’s thoughts on Google’s relationship with hardware, accessibility and education.

*update* (10/10/2009) Custom PC have recently moved to As a result the above article has moved. I’ll re-link when I’ve solved the mystry of its new location.

ALT Week

The Association of Learning Technology Conference 2007 has come to an end.  I’m submitting my debrief to CustomPC magazine, along with my interview with Dr Peter Norvig, Google Director of Research over the next few days.  I’ll signpost these articles as they emerge.  Further to this, I’ll also be adding any additional observations or snippets of general interest to educationalists up on these pages following the appropriate psychic digestion. 

In the meantime, the blogosphere has been set alight by the Association events.  The ALT-C mega feed is up and running at if you want to read more. 

If you want more direct access and first person experience of the conference and its particulars, the ALT-C 2007 website contains papers and slides, as well as audio and video from Keynote Presentations. Enjoy!

32 Amongst Many

As the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) Conference approaches, blogging delegates have been approached for their RSS feeds.  The ALT will then be aggregating these into the ‘mother of all feeds’.  They will publish the URL of the aggregated feed on  ALT-C 2007 web site at .  To ensure you receive a holistic perspective on the event, I’ll add the feed-squared on the right-hand column of your screen for the duration of September, below the BBC Technology news.  Watch that space!

Custom PC

I’m going to be covering the ALT-C conference in early September for Custom PC magazine.  There will be a fairly quick turn around on this work so expect a sign-post from here in mid-september.

Learning Technology for the Social Network Generation

The Association for Learning Technology are holding their 14th International Conference ‘Beyond Control: Technology for the Social Network Generation’ here in Nottingham at the East Midlands Conference Centre (EMCC) from the 4-6 September 2007.

Registration closes on the 10th of August. Research presentations, symposia, workshops and demonstrations are grouped according to strands of interest including Designing Learning Spaces, Large Scale Implementation, Learning and Internationalism and Learning Technology for the Social Network Generation.  Keynote speeches will be delivered by representatives from Cisco, Futurelab and Dr Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google.