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Back from an intense and interesting time at the Interface 2009 conference. This was my first experiment with live micro-blogging (yes, Tweeting) from an event.  Interface prooved to be a dynamic symposium and a real credit to the Humanities and Computer Science hosts and organisers.  The Keynotes and speakers included Dame Wendy Hall, Google Geographer and ex-e-Government man Ed Parsons, Willard McCarty (who delivered a very erudite critique of inter-disciplinary machinations) alongside Sarah Porter (JISC), Stephen Brown (DMU) and others. 

It was great to meet so many people from the hard Arts (such as Theology, Literature and Archaeology) critically applying new technologies.  As an English graduate with a secret passion for medieval literature, I was genuinely delighted by demonstrations of research and tools opening up internet access to documents and information hundreds of years old.  But this is just one of many areas where new possibilities and networks were exposed.

If you would like to find out more about Interface, delegate ‘lightning’ papers are now available on Scribd, so click if you’d like to browse the papers visit the Scribd pages. I’ve embedded my short paper on Aversive Disablism and the Internet below (click through, or adjust the settings as you like), but if Scribd isn’t for you here is the Word Version.

[scribd id=17193949 key=key-1kxsanjwzyk7qswx8bj4]

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