UK Digital Economy Research Hubs

April 29th saw the launch of three ‘digital economy hubs’.  Three new centres based in Nottingham, Newcastle and Aberdeen will ‘develop digital technology to transform the lives of older people, people with disabilities, and people in rural communities’. This is inclusion ‘through the digital economy’. The Nottingham hub will focus on ‘always on, always with you’ technology. Aberbeen will focus on how technologies can benefit rural communities.  Newcastle’s remit covers ‘new technology for social inclusion’. According to the blurb this concerns:

Making sure everyone – young, older and disabled – is included in our digital future. By 2050 more people will be over 65 years of age than under 16 in the UK. Newcastle will work with older people to design simple, intuitive interfaces tailored to their needs.

The Newcastle Hub is the first to launch a website and can be found at:

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