e-Social Science

I’m pleased to announce that my submission to the 4th
International Conference on e-Social Science
has been accepted for
presentation as a short paper.  In line with the concerns of the conference, this paper will focus on the new-media methods I’m using for my PhD, these include screen and audio capture during local and remote interviews as well as emergent results.  I’ve already had positive and constructive comments from reviewers which have been really helpful.  Hopefully the conference itself will play out in the same vein. 

For those of you interested in this area the Conference will be held at the University of
Manchester, UK, from 18 – 20 June 2008.  I’m looking forward to visiting some of the sites from my youth – and in a new context!  The website states that ‘a wine reception will be held on the first evening in the
Power Hall at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry’. I haven’t been to the Power Hall since I was 12!  Should delegates really be allowed alcohol with all that machinery around? 

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