Galloway and Porter

Galloway and Porter, Booksellers, Reduced and Secondhand books, 30 Sidney Street, Cambridge.

This is a great bookstore in the heart of Cambridge.  I’ve once again spent a lot of money here on cut price academic books (the second time this year, ouch!).  Unfortunately for those in the learning sciences, books relevant to education and sociology are scattered across the top floor, with no one dedicated shelf.  As a result prolonged rummaging is recommended.  And a prediliction for eating on a tight budget for the rest of the week.

My steals this week were Telecommunications and the City: Electronic spaces, urban places, reduced from £90 ($180) to £8 ($16) and The ICT Revolution, Productivity Differences and the Digital Divide, down from £63 ($125) to £21 ($42) – this was bought with particular reference to the forthcoming ALT-C submission deadline. The full list is Library-Thinged below.

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