2008 at last!

Over the last two week I’ve been out of the country, but I’m pleased to say I took some excellent reading material with me.  I’d like to recommend the following, firstly Mark C. Taylor’s The Moment of Complexity: Emerging Network Culture, a book steeped in critical theory and philosophy, but with plenty to say about our current experiences of modernity.  Furthermore this book is illustrated, and that, I feel, is never a bad thing.  Secondly, I’ve been reading How to Write a Thesis by Rowena Murray.  This book is aimed firmly at those working within the UK academic system, but is couched in internationally informed terms.  This is not a bluffer’s guide to…’, or a ‘thesis writing for idiots…’ tome.  It is reassuringly thorough and oozes experienced commentary.  It has certainly focused my mind on the case in hand.  Finally, I purchased the Guardian’s Guardian Style. A style guide by David Marsh.  Now I have a style guide I wonder how I managed (or mis-managed) without one.  A style guide offers advice on reporting and writing standards, helping you to deal with the irritation of the ‘apostrofly’ and ‘shimmer of errors’ involved in any writing.  The Guardian has twice won the  Plain English Campaign’s award for best national newspaper.  I’m hoping some of this will rub off on me.  Do you use a style guide?  Which one?  Any comparison comments welcome!

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