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I’m pleased to say that the WebAxe blog has released it’s 94th podcast, a preview of the forthcoming CSUN conference, featuring Glenda Sims  (@goodwitch) Henny Swan (@iheni) Lainey Feingold (@LFLegalLeonie Watson (@leoniewatson) Sandi Wassmer (@SandiWassmer) and Yours Truley! (@slewth).  The aptly named “Women of CSUN” podcast also includes WebAxe host Dennis (@Webaxe) and Jennison Asunction (@Jennison) delivering a useful overview of the conference – a welcome introduction for those of us who haven’t been before.  I haven’t featured on a female-fronted bill like this since supporting Kat Bjelland’s Katastrophy Wife, back in The Day. Needless to say, it should be a good listen. For those who would prefer to read, Dennis has also supplied a podcast transcript. Enjoy!


  1. Karen Mardahl

    This is where everyone benefits from multiple deliverables. I want to hear the podcast so I can “meet” the people I know on Twitter. However, in the day of info overload, I need to get through things quickly. So I turn to the transcript and read it much faster than if I listened to the recording. I get a choice and don’t have to stress about lack of time now to listen.
    After all, it’s about the content. Such good content it is, too. Oh, I wish I were going, but alas, no money. I hope that everyone takes a gazillion photos – and of course, describes the photos well for everyone to enjoy.

    • slewth

      Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’ve really put your finger on the value of multiple formats. You’re right, it is an expensive trip and I completely appreciate your perspective. hopefully the event will be amplified enough through social media that important messages from the conference will be shared more widely. In any event, I hope our paths cross at some point!

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